Due to many commonly asked questions being sent through our enquiry forms, this page has been created to share answers and questions that you may find helpful.

Q: Are we BYO and or fully licensed?
A: Yes, we are fully licensed, there's beer, wine, and spirits available from our bar area. We allow BYO everyday, lunch and dinner! Corkage is $5.50 per bottle.
Q: Do we have any discount programs?
A: Yes we do! If you have the Entertainment Book, we are a specially selected restaurant that features in the Gold Card section. Dine in and receive 25% off to the value of $30.00!

Q: Do we do deliveries?
A: We do not sorry, unless prior arrangement for a large order has been made with management.

Q: Do you have to make a reservation to dine in?
A: No, but it is highly recommended on weekends, as it is the busiest time for us, or group of 6 or more.

Q: Can we take large bookings, like functions?
A: Yes we can, however only up to the seating of maximum 80 people. Any more than this becomes difficult to service tables and is a fire hazard.
Q: Do we have a children's menu?
A: Unfortunately we do not, however our mains in the dinner menu are in two portion sizes. This means kid's can share a small meal if they like.
Q: Do we sell gift vouchers?
A: Yes. Please ask a staff member for assistance. These come in values of $30, $50 and $100.
Q: Do we serve buffet?
A: Unfortunately we do not, but we have banquet menu's for groups of 8 or more! Another option is to have each guest order one dish, and everyone shares them.

Q: Do we require a deposit for groups?
A: Yes, with groups more than 12 people we will generally ask for a deposit to secure your booking. This is to ensure that a group is definitely going to show up. We may specifically hire more service staff and chefs to work for the evening, as well as source more ingredients. Your deposit will cover these costs.

Q: Can we bring a birthday cake?
A: Yes, however please be advised we have a cake surcharge of $15.00 per cake. This is to cover :

  • Napkins

  • The additional cleaning of plates, cutlery, cake server and table

  • Dressing of the cake, candles, fruits and decorations

  • Serving the cake

  • All the cake left on our floor!