banquet menus

The following are three banquet menus we provide for groups of 8 or more. These banquet menu's are a great way for dinning, as they reduce the stress of organising food in large groups.

Guests will receive everything on the banquet menu,that is all the starters, mains and dessert. Each person will get a soup and entree. As for the mains, they are shared between the table. (If there are more than 8 guests, we will cook extra food to accommodate the group size.)

In Banquet menu B, the cake requires you to book in advance so that we can order it in for you. This is due to the cake being made off-site by our bakery in Wellington.


Set C @$42 per person


Spring Rolls and Wontons

Chicken and Sweet corn soup


Combination Fried Rice

Ginger Spring Onions Hotplate w Beef

Golden Garlic and Herb Mussels

Kun Bo Chicken

Korean Stone Pot

Pork Egg Fu Yung

Noodles w Assorted Meats


Deep Fried Banana Chunks w Caramel (Icecream available at extra charge)


Set B @ $47 per person


Garlic Bread, Prawn Bite, Wonton

Seafood Soup


Combination Fried Rice

Curry Duck

Fillet Steak Hotplate

Pork with Cashews

Hoisin Lamb

Fish Fillet w Greens

Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

Dessert: Choose 1

Mini Cakes - must order and book in advance for this dessert.


Deep Fried Banana Chunks w Caramel


Set A @ $53 per person


Tapas Platter - Calamari Ring, Duck Triangle, Prawn Bite, Stuffed Mushroom

Beef and Mushroom Soup


Combination Fried Rice

Golden Garlic & Herb Prawns

Duck w Plum Sauce

Ginger Garlic Scallops Hotplate

Cumin Lamb Cutlets

Beef Rib

Satay Chicken Noodles


Frangelico Parfait - almond biscuit base with frangelico handmade parfait tower topped w chocolate